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Westinghouse Freestanding Dishwasher SS

Model : wsf6608x

Key Features

Fully flexible cutlery tray

Not only does our flexible cutlery tray wash all your utensils effectively, it can also safely fit long knives and other larger items. This helps to prevent injuries from steak and chopping knives, while also providing the convenience of a designated place for those bigger utensils.
Time Save program
When time is of the essence simply choose the Time Save 50-minute program for guaranteed great results. Perfect for washing load after load, this handy feature gets your dishes clean quickly.
Sensor wash
The Sensor wash feature assesses the load size and level of dirt on the dishes and adjusts the wash cycle to optimise wash results
Water safety system
Our aqua control function is an advanced anti-flood system. Automatically cutting off the water supply to the dishwasher to give you peace of mind knowing your kitchen is protected.

Also IncludesHeight Adjustable Upper Basket
Super fast 30-minute
3 Spray Arms
3 Stage Filtration
5 Spray levels