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Westinghouse 60cm Induction Cooktop

Model : WHI645BA

Key Features

Pause when you need to
When you re cooking, those pesky interruptions wont be a bother anymore. That s because you can simply pause what you re doing. Just press the Pause icon on your induction cooktop and all operating zones will drop to a Keep Warm mode.

QuickCook Timer
Now even when things get busy in the kitchen, you ll never lose track when you re cooking. This nifty timer counts down and even turns the zone off. Now you can cook the perfect steak or boiled eggs or any other meal exactly to your liking.

Induction cooking
Enjoy the safety and efficiency of induction cooking. Almost twice as fast as gas or electric in transforming energy into heat, you ll save not only time but money too. What s more, induction cooking only generates heat in the cookware, so surfaces around the pot are cool to touch.

Touch on glass controls
With flat easy-clean touch on glass controls at your fingertips, you can easily control the heat. So all you need to do is concentrate on preparing the perfect meal.