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MultiQuick 3 700W Hand Blender

Model : MQ3025WH

This Braun MultiQuick 3 - 700W Hand Blender is your new all-in-one kitchen tool. It's a hand blender, an electric whisk and a chopper so you can get your meal prep done quickly, without using multiple appliances to save you space and money. Quickly whip egg whites to stiff peaks with the whisk attachment, or for soups and smoothies, the blender attachment is the way to go. The Braun MQ3025WH has patented hand blending technology for even results without lumps, and anti-splash technology to keep your kitchen looking spotless - the blender's bell shape draws food inwards for smoother blending and fewer lumps in your smoothies. Chopped nuts for sundae toppings or dried apricots for fruit cakes are quickly cut down to size with the 350ml chopper, saving you lots of time - and it's all contained neatly so there's no mess to clean up. The MQ3025WH can also chop up an onion in seconds so there are no more tears when trying to achieve a fine dice. Switch between the different accessories quickly and easily thanks to Braun's EasyClick system. Get the results you need with the Braun MultiQuick 3 - 700W Hand Blender thanks to a 700-watt motor so you can power through dense mixes, and with 2-speed settings you'll get the perfect consistency time after time. Your meals will practically prepare themselves with the Braun MultiQuick 3 - 700W Hand Blender MQ3025WH.