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Fisher & Paykel 60cm Dishwasher SS

Model : DW60FC6X1

Fisher & Paykel’s fully featured, high performing freestanding dishwashers are designed with premium styling and quality touch points. Its highly flexible racking features include a full width utensil tray and allow for easy loading and unloading. ‘Extra Dry’, ‘Sanitise’ or ‘Extra Fast’ settings are available to suit any type of load, delivering superior wash performance every time with minimal water, energy and noise.



Sanitise Clean and Dry

Selecting 'Sanitise' with any wash cycle will raise the temperature of the final rinse to a level that will sanitise your dishes and baby bottles. The 'Extra Dry' setting will improve the drying result on even plastic dishes. 


Reliable Wash Performance

The 3 stage filtration system ensures reliable wash performance. Cup racks, wine glass supports and utensil tray allow safe and easy cleaning of everyday items. A rinse aid indicator reminds you to top up for squeaky-clean dishes. 


Flexible Wash Options

These dishwashers offer 7 wash programs resulting in 15 different wash cycles including ‘Auto’, which automatically senses the optimal wash cycle for your dishes. Additional settings allow you to clean dishes extra fast, extra dry, or sanitized. 


Easy to Load

Designed to fit up to 15 place settings, the flexible racking system features a full-width 3rd rack with sliding parts for cutlery and utensils, along with pitch-adjustable and foldable tines to fit plates, bowls, pots and pans. The middle basket, cup racks and wine glass holders are easily height-adjusted.