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Cuisine Companion Steamer Accessory

Model : XF386B

Transform your Tefal Cuisine Companion into a supercharged steamer with the Tefal Cuisine Companion Steamer Accessory XF386B. The Steamer Accessory XF386B adds two new cooking levels to your existing Tefal Cuisine Companion so you can cook up to four recipes at once. The XF386B Steamer Accessory also adds an additional 3.7L cooking capacity to your Cuisine Companion. Plus, the XF386B has a unique drip collector that stores any cooking juices so they don't mix with the rest of your meal and you can use them later to make a sauce or jus. It features two modes so you can use P1 for the internal steam basket, and P2 for the external steam basket. The steamer isn't just for veggies, the included recipe book has 40 new recipes including starters, mains, side dishes and even desserts. Give your Cuisine Companion a capacity and functionality boost with this Tefal Cuisine Companion Steamer Accessory.