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Breville The Oracle Espresso Machine Black Sesame

Model : BES980BKS

With the Breville Oracle Auto Manual Espresso Machine you can combine the quality, taste and care of a manual espresso machine, with the simplicity and ease of use of an automatic or pod machine. The oracle takes the most difficult parts of making coffee and automates them. Grinding and dosing is automated, so is tamping, even the milk texturing. While these are all automated, budding coffee experts can adjust most of the settings including grind size, shot size and milk temperature and length to see how it affects the coffee and find the perfect settings for different beans. The Breville BES980BKS extracts coffee using preinfusion that gradually increases water pressure to gently expand grinds for an even extraction. Rather than over extracting coffee, the One Touch Long Black button pours a double espresso then tops it with hot water, all with just a push of one button. The Breville Oracle Auto Manual espresso machine combines the taste and control of a manual machie with the simplicity of an automatic machine. Enjoy great tasting coffee from The Breville Oracle Auto Manual espresso machine.