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900 Watt Mega Pack - Black

Model : NB9-1107AK

This Nutribullet 900 Watt Mega Pack features a revolutionary extractor blade and milling blade with a powerful 900 watt motor to extract maximum nutritional goodness from your fruit and veg. It powerfully blends seeds, nuts and tough skins when blending your favourite juice or smoothie and the extra milling blade even blends coffee beans. Simply add your preferred liquid and ingredients, twist the extractor blade onto the included 700ml and 500ml capacity cups, place the cup on the high power base, and then watch your ingredients blend into a smooth consistency. Plus, you can create chunky dips such as salsa using the Nutribullet NB9-1107AK's pulsing technique by pressing down on the cup and releasing quickly. With the Nutribullet 900W Mega Pack it's easy making a nutritional powerhouse drink for a quick pick-me-up in no time. Please note - ice cubes may be added but not exceeding 25% of the total volume of ingredients. Liquid must always be used in the Nutribullet cup.