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1200W Series 12 Piece Set

Model : N12-1207

This stainless steel Nutribullet blender is your answer to everyday nutrition when there's no time to waste. Create delicious lump-free fruit or veg smoothies, velvety chia puddings, cold juices, or creamy nut dips in seconds thanks to its powerful 1200 watt motor, new and improved extraction blade design, and patented Cyclonic Action spinning movement. Cyclonic action evenly distributes both whole foods and finer ingredients to the spinning blade and pulverises them into a silky smooth consistency for maximum enjoyment. For convenience, the pre-programmed extraction cycle can be activated at the One Touch Smart technology button to extract in short pulses, followed by one longer extraction period before automatically powering off. The Nutribullet 1200W series includes a 700ml stainless steel cup for keeping NutriBlast smoothies cold for up to eight hours, and two 900ml cups for nutritious breakfasts on the go. Keep up with your busy lifestyle without sacrificing a healthy diet thanks to the Nutribullet 1200W series blender. Please note - The NutriBullet is not intended to be used as an ice crusher. To make a delicious cold NutriBlast, use frozen fruit and chilled liquids. Alternatively, you may add crushed ice, up to 25% of the total cup volume, with water or other liquid filled up to the MAX" line. Liquid must always be used in the Nutribullet cup."